Maura has a wide array of clients, from all walks of life, who count on her range of skills to meet their individual needs.

Maura Rassman is an artist whose canvas is the body lucky enough to be exposed to her healing and transformational touch. Her work defies easy categorization. The experience on one occasion might feel like your body's sweet surrender, on another, feel as if stretched taffy and as yet another time feel like being "opened" or "unblocked." Maura has a way of deconstructing the body and putting the body, mind and spirit back together again more whole, connected and grounded. Her signature bodywork reflects profound respect for—and knowledge of—the body guided by keen intuition. It wouldn't be strange to feel otherworldly after working with Maura because the world that one has entered is so much more harmonious and peaceful. You just know something alchemical has taken place.

Enid Singer, PhD

I've dealt with a serious back injury for years. I stay healthy, and exercise a lot, but there are limitations that often seem insurmountable. I'm fortunate to count Maura as a dear friend. In the years I've known her, she's become the most important force in my overall physical well-being. Her ability to sense what your body needs and deliver the best combination of disciplines is truly a gift. Through yoga instruction and bodywork, she helps me heal and get back on course when I have pain flair-ups, and she gives me the knowledge and the tools necessary to stay on a path of health and proper body mechanics. I can't overstate the fact that she is absolutely responsible for my ability to stay active, positive, and happy in light of my physical limitations. I wouldn't be the same without her.

Greg Smith

I had the most amazing combo Thai and deep tissue massage with Maura. She is in her right work! I feel like a brand new baby. Every part of me was treated with expertise and loving care. She knows the body so well and comes up with exactly the right technique. No one has such a wealth of techniques that she does. I am healed and moving freely. Thank you Maura!

R. Richards

Thank you again for the incredible massage. I cannot tell you how amazing I feel! My whole body feels healed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sandra Kridel

Maura's innate ability to be present in her bodywork makes such an incredible difference. In a region where massage therapists are as common as Starbucks coffee shops, Maura is a beacon of local barista light, leaving you thirsty for more. She is able to intuitively feel what your body needs and give you just that, and much, much more! Thanks Maura! I can barely wait until next time =)

Mario Covic

Maura is a brilliant bodyworker with magical, healing hands. She mixes a combination of disciplines to give your body, mind, and spirit exactly what it needs: expansion.

Danielle Fitzgerald

Dear Maura,
Just a quick note to say how grateful I am for the work you performed yesterday. I found mobility in my right shoulder that took me by suprise. It's taken a lot of focus today to try to allow new movement patterns and hopefully they will commit to memory. Many yoga positions were really different. I spoke so highly of you today and I hope that you were able to feel the positive energy. I wish you well and look forward to another session.
With all my appreciation,


My iliacus feels like a million bucks! You're wonderful! Thanks for your healing love yesterday, I enjoyed every moment of it . . . so sweet like the fresh breeze of a rose garden :-) I could almost taste it.

Roeshan Shadravan

Maura Rassman